Autism Rights Group Highland

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ARGH is a group run by and for autistic adults. ARGH members are all people who have an Autistic spectrum condition.

Membership is currently free (but donations are welcome).

ARGH Meetings are only open to members except by agreement of the management committee. You do not have to attend meetings if you are a member.

ARGH is a self advocacy group for autistic adults living in the Highlands and beyond. For more information on membership and meeting details please email:

ARGH is an organisation which will:

-Inform service providers about what autistic people really experience.

-Campaign for better services for autistic people in the highlands.

-Challenge stigma and discrimination through education about autistic strengths.

Autistic Voice Scotland:

A network of Autistic Adults across Scotland Click here for more infomation about an exciting new Autistic led project.

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Argh Autism Alert Card

ARGH's autism alert card is available to all autistic people, children or adults, across the UK: Click here to join the hundreds of ARGHcard holders

ARGH membership card front

Ari Ne'eman in Inverness

audio of Ari Ne'eman's talk now available here

Wendy Lawson & Dinah Murray in Inverness

Click here


Autism and Mental Health

A joint report by ARGH and HUG: Click here

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