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Online Event about Autistic Identity

ARGH and AMASE are collaborating to host a free online event on 26th June 7pm - 8.30pm: booking is now live! Please share.

A free event to celebrate and explore autistic identity, including a semi structured panel discussion plus Q&A.


About this event

Join ARGH and AMASE for a free online Autistic Pride event Sunday 26th June 2022 7pm – 8.30pm

What does Autistic Pride mean to us and how does it intersect with our other identities?

Please join us for a free event to celebrate and explore autistic identity and how our other identities may intersect: what is autistic identity anyway? How do we feel about autistic identity? What does it mean to us?

The event will take the form of a semi structured discussion chaired by Kabie Brook with panellists Laura Bilton, Sonny Hallet, Anna Nicholson and James Pelham. There will be time for Q&A.

Meet the panellists:

Laura Bilton

Laura Bilton is an anti-racism activist with experience in Violence against Women and Girls, Disability and Youth Work. With heritage from Kenya and Scotland, Laura has been active against racism for more than 25 years in the media of dance, music, poetry and community organising. A mother of two and Union Equality rep, Laura is one of the founding members of Scottish Ethnic Minority Autistics (SEMA). Laura has worked with disabled people for 9 years, and it was through this work that led to her own autism and ADHD diagnoses at the age of 39.

Sonny Hallet

Sonny is an autistic counsellor, and co-founder and former chair of AMASE (Autistic Mutual Aid Society Edinburgh). They have co-authored research on autism and mental health, experiences of counselling, autistic community and peer support. They are also interested in issues around neurodiversity and intersections with LGBTQ+ identities and people of colour.’

Anna Nicholson

Anna (she/her) is a late-diagnosed Autistic+ADHD non-binary woman living in Edinburgh. She isn’t currently working, having burned herself out attempting a PhD (again). Her interests are varied, and she tends to cycle between them. (Since the beginning of this year, she’s been focused on railway signalling!) Once she realised, after her son was diagnosed as autistic, that she wasn’t simply ‘rubbish at life’, she began reflecting on masking and unmasking in the contexts of being trans and neurodivergent, and the interplay between them. She champions the rights of non-speakers and intersectionally marginalised autistics, and stands firmly against ABA and PBS. She loves cats.

James Pelham BA JHons, ALCM, DipTCL, DipABRSM.

James was diagnosed with Autism in 2015, and soon after decided to contribute formally to the lives and well-being of autistic people in the UK and beyond. He joined the Autscape Board of Directors in 2016, and has since served as Lists Co-ordinator and Vice-Chair. He is currently the Chair of the Autscape Board.

James holds a degree in French and Russian Studies, as well as several diplomas across various fields of musical study. He earns money from playing and teaching music part-time.

James believes that autism brings both gifts and difficulties, and wants to see a world where the difficult side is mitigated as much as possible, while the gifts that autistic people have are celebrated by society at large.

James also helped create a bursary system to help people attend Autscape. In the future, he hopes Autscape can expand to other parts of the world.

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